Omnifics is dedicated to providing all of our clients with solutions that match their culture and values. We take pride in helping our customers create spaces that boost employee productivity, meet green initiatives, maximize square footage, and boast the company’s brand.

Omnifics has a diverse group of employees with  unique and diverse skill sets – such as workplace strategist, design professionals, LEED certified professionals, and project managers. In other words, we utilize a wide array of knowledge and talent to ensure our customers have a space that is tailor-made to meet their physical, psychological, and aesthetic needs. Our clients find that by meeting all of these needs, their staff is happier, more productive and engaged in the overall success of the company.

In addition to providing consultation for environments and furnishings, Omnifics has many relationships with architectural and design (A&D) firms, general contractors, commercial real estate firms, and multiple other companies that can come together to provide total solutions from inception to beyond completion.